Resource to Root™ Integrated Approach by Jains

Conceptualisation Survey, Data Collection & Analysis Planning, Design & Engineering Installation & Commissioning Capacity Building & Support Operation & Maintenance
Preliminary reconnaissance survey.
Topographical Survey.
Hydraulic and agronomic design of the project.
Installation of hydraulic system as per project design.
Agronomic Support & Training for WUG’s & Farmers.
Operation and maintenance of the project for pre-specified period.
Benchmarking survey.
Collection of soil and water samples and their analysis.
Preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report).
Erection of civil structure (eg. pump house, control room, sumps etc.) as per project requirement.
Support for market linkage & trading farmers produce as per project requirement.
Successfully handing over the project to WUG.
Problem identification and need assessment of the project area.
Collection of engineering, climatic and agronomic data.
Formulation of Water User Groups (WUG).
Installation of control & operation system like automation, control valves, safety valve etc.
Publishing literature in local languages.
Assessment of feasibility.
Assessment of water sources.
Supply of material as per Bill of quantities.
Hydraulic testing of the project.
Establishing demonstration farms in project area.
Preparation of feasibility reports.
Assessment of power sources.
Verification and validation of designs.
Trial run of operation and control system.
Engineering support.

Benefits of Resource to Root


  • Higher income for farmers.
  • Pipeline network life 100+ Years.
  • Water productivity is 5 times high.
  • Farmers can take high value /cash crops.
  • Results in sustainability.
  • Concept ensures Water, Energy,& Food Security.


  • Daily irrigation schedules are tailored as per crop requirements.
  • Precise application of fertilizer & nutrient is feasible.
  • Suitable for undulating terrains.
  • Equitable distribution of water.
  • Very high Water Use Efficiency up to 95%.


  • No land acquisition.
  • No rehabilitation related issues.
  • Social justice for all stakeholders.


  • No water runoff & wastage.
  • No leaching - No health hazard
  • Maintains Soil Health.
  • Saves Energy.
  • Reduces GHG Emissions.
  • Conserves natural resources.

Few Options Of Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS)

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"Resource to Root" ™ - A Revolutionary Concept

The Drip Irrigation concept pioneered by Jain in India is already addressing part of water woes faced by the country through savings up to 70 % of the water applied on farm thus improving ‘on farm water management‘ significantly. However, this does not address overall water conveyance and distribution efficiency & particularly in traditional (canal) system. Therefore, another pathbreaking approach has been pioneered by Jain called ‘‘Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions’’ (JIIS).

Present Agriculture Scenario

India is a vast country and has approximately 17% of the total population of the globe. It was estimated that its population would be in the range of 1200 million in 2010, 1449 million in 2025 and 1751 million in 2050.* To feed such a vast population India needs to increase our food production substantially. That means one has to increase agricultural

Present Water Scenario

Water : Fresh water available in India (1908 BCM) is only approximately 4% of the total fresh water available in the world(37500 BCM). This is disproportionate to the population that India holds. The per capita availability of fresh water in India was 3100 cum in 1975 which has come down to 1900 cum in 2000 which will further go down to 1400 Cum in 2025.

Present Irrigation Scenario

It is a proven fact that the crop yields increase due to irrigation. The crop yields of rain fed areas are far less than those of irrigated areas. Since independence, Government of India has spent considerable amount of funds, time and energy on development of command area and still has not been successful in utilizing 100% of the potential created.