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Drip Kit - Solar Pump

A revolution is taking place in how water is being pumped in remote locations beyond the reach of electric power lines. Solar power has proven to be an ideal way to lift water for drinking, sanitation, stock tanks, and irrigation.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel is one of the the simplest possible way to generate electricity beyond the reach of power lines. It has no moving parts and last for decades with virtually no maintenance. Solar power is no longer an expensive, experimental energy source.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. offers an effective solution: “Jain Solar Powered Drip irrigation system″ especially designed for farmers, who do not have access to conventional power and has small land holding. The solar pumps have Brushless DC motors which receives power from the PV panels. This system does not have any batteries. Hence the solar pumps start early in the morning & continue to work till late evening.

Key Features

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