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Vegetable Nursery

Take Quality Vegetable Seedlings From Jain Irrigation. Save Time, Money & Efforts

In Jain Hi-Tech Vegetable Nursery, Seedlings are grwon by qualified staffs in Nursery Management and seedlings are regularly inspected by vegetable specialist and plant pathologist.

Features and Specifications

  • Seeds are sourced from reputed seed companies.

  • Customised (Different varieties) supply of all Vegetable seedlings.

  • Use of sterilized soilless media.

  • Automatic media filling and sowing in tray.

  • Seedlings are raised and hardening is done in controlled condition.

  • Seedlings are developed under supervision of qualified staff.

  • Quality testing in lab for each batch of seedlings.

  • High quality, well rooted and disease free seedlings.

Available varieties


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