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Tissue Culture - Banana


Higher yield, better profit!

Tissue Culture

Features and Specifications

  • We offer you, all important varieties of banana that are popular and grown in India.

  • We offer you ‘Certified Planting Material’ by Department of biotechnology, Government of India (the only laboratory in the country).

  • We offer you ‘Tertiary Acclimatized/Hardened’ plants, the concept developed, adopted and popularized through our dedicated continual improvement program.

  • Our experience and expertise offers you ‘Low or No Variation’ in genetic purity of the plants.

  • We offer you ‘Unique Potting System’ that protects root damages during handling and transport.

  • We offer you ‘Soilless Potting Media’ that checks soil borne pathogen infection to the plant.

  • We offer you, ‘Guaranteed Survival’ of the plants after transplantation in the field.

  • As a result, plant requires minimum period for their establishment in the field and start growth, that we claim ‘Zero Day Setting’.

  • We offer you, un-believable age uniform plants that allow you to harvest complete orchard within 5-7 harvests.

  • We offer you ‘Jain Ratoon Technology’ where you can harvest two crops within 18 months.

  • We offer you ‘Jain Fertigation Technology’ for higher productivity and superior quality of the produce.

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